November 06, 2009

This is my cyber soap box moment.

It's Saturday at 6:30 am. I couldn't sleep and figured I would start my day early with a lovely cup of java. I calmly sit down, light some candles and start reading through my emails. When all of a sudden, I'm awake!

I follow the blog, Elements of Style, where Erin Gates combines her passion and expertise of interior design, fashion and pop culture. She stepped up on her cyber soap box and wrote a post yesterday about how appalled she was after reading the comments that her fellow Bostonians had posted regarding an article in the Boston Globe she was featured in. After reading her post I was shocked, saddened and speechless, (which doesn't happen very often) as I read the words.

{{PAUSE}} for you to go and read for yourself...

And here's my cyber soap box "Aha moment"...

The Boston Globe did a piece on the 25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2009 and a sh*t ton of readers that are actually active in the fashion forum were so annoyed that they had all of these horrid comments to say about it. WTF!? If you are going to be so nasty and critical of someone being stylish then what the F*CK are you even doing spending your time in a FASHION FORUM?? I really don't understand all of this. As you may or may not know, I'm an American temporarily living abroad, and I am fully aware of the financial crisis all over the world, especially back home. But I'm starting to wonder if it's gotten so bad that a chunk of the population are beginning to get so angry that they resent people that have more money than they do, (in a very non-productive way) let alone take out their frustrations on a fun article. In which I'm sure wasn't written to condemn the ones who can't afford to be as stylish, but to perhaps inspire, or entertain the ones reading the damn article in the first place! The only explanation for so much hatred, as I see it, regarding a silly (well in the scheme of the world it is small) article can only be jealously. I guarantee you that every single one of these "haters" are watching television, going to the movies, purchasing magazines or newspapers and shopping! Which obviously means they are financially supporting even more Stylistas! Even richer and more popular ones! LMAO!

Do you think that just because someone loves fashion and are considered "stylish" means that they are ungrateful, stuck-up, snobby scums, born with a golden spoon in their mouths? I don't friggin' think so! Is it a crime to want to look good? Does everyone assume that because you know how to dress you, that you can afford to just toss $1,000 to the sales clerk for a new pair of Manolos?

If this is the case then I am utterly heartbroken. Who have we become? Do we have to stay at home in our sweatpants and overalls because we are unemployed and envious that other people still have jobs? ABSOLUTLEY NOT! The more you take yourself out of society the more depressed you will be and the worse things will get. Doesn't anyone read The Secret?!
Come on people! Get with the program!

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

If you want to surround yourself with negativity then just think negatively and it will happen. But if you want positive loving relationships, money, the perfect job, success or any other dream you have.

Think it. Imagine it. Live it. Be it.

It will happen. I promise you. Don't be resentful because someone has or is something you want. You can have it too. But more importantly, remember that we are all different. We each have our own skill, our own talent, to share with the world. Don't compare yourself to anyone and don't be intimidated because someone has been picked to be among one of the top 25 Stylish People in all of Boston. Be grateful that they were recognized. Admire that they are hard-working individuals that can stand up and show others that their dreams are not impossible, but yet just within your reach.

I started working as a Wardrobe Stylist because it was fun and I loved being a part of the creation process of a TV show or film. I continue to work in this industry because I followed my heart, my passion and my dreams. It paid off and I am ever so grateful. I'm excited to work everyday. My job doesn't define me, I define myself. After a 12 hour day, the most rewarding one, is the day that I style a new mom who is on her way back into the work force, a woman who has been living in baby spit for the last year and needs as update to be respected in an interview, but even more respectful of herself. I can't begin to explain how my heart swells when I help someone to see their outer potential. They step out of the dressing room, their face lights up and the tears begin to fall as they realize within moments that it's only the mere outer beauty that has dragged out their hidden inner beauty.

is what style is to me. Confidence. Individuality. The one way a person can express who she(or he) is. That is why I love fashion. I may not be one of Boston's most stylish people but I do enjoy a yummy, new handbag every once in a while!

P.S. Erin, Congratulations! Congrats on continuing to achieve the goals in your life and for being recognized in doing so. Thank you for standing on your soap box and having the b*lls to speak up for yourself. I know this little annoyance you have encountered won't set you back one bit, but in fact it will make you an even more stronger, stylish force in your community.
I'm proud to stand next to such fierce, female fashion blogger!


Erin Gates said...

You flippin' ROCK. Thanks for this!

The Stylist Diva said...

;)your welcome.

Liz said...

Yes, you do flippin' rock. Loved it!