September 12, 2017



Good style makes me happy.  Colorful, fun, fashion makes me even happier!  I've been in my cocoon lately, working on some exciting, new projects and feeling the emotions of the world as its' battling mother nature.  I just wasn't in the mood for NYFW this season.  Until I just saw this.  Alice +  Olivia just turned my frown upside down!  This collection inspires me so much, it's exactly what I needed. The world does need more sparkle, don't you think?

September 04, 2017


 credit: gigi hadid for missoni

It's that time of year again. When my anxiety kicks in because we are only a few weeks out from it officially being fall and I'm still sweatin' bullets in 100+ degree weather.

All I want to do be a basic bitch and sip my pumpkin spice latte with scarf wrapped around my neck, while wearing velvet pumps. Is that too much to ask?  While I daydream about my cozy, autumn ensemble here are some pieces I'm crushing on for fall...

August 21, 2017



Last month, I turned the big 4-0!  For many months leading up to my birthday, I was terrified.  Sad and scared that I was leaving my 30's and discouraged that I didn't reach every goal so far.   There was so much anxiety and grief I was dealing with in my life that I wasn't sure I felt that it was right to have fun.  As it got closer to my big day, I realized I just had to embrace this next decade and party like a boss.  I also knew that if my dad was here, he would of kicked my a$$ if I didn't.  I suddenly knew I had to live in the moment, to celebrate me.  Las Vegas is the ultimate destination to celebrate your birthday and as a local, I don't always take time out to enjoy everything this crazy city has to offer. So even though my 3-day birthday binge left me with a sore cheeks from laughing every night and an ugly (sugar + alcohol) hangover, it was worth every moment. Whether you are a local or tourist, I promise you this fun guide won't leave you disappointed!

August 11, 2017


Our mind is a funny little thing, it likes to play tricks on us at the worst possible moments.  I think I want to create blog posts, talk about parties, fashion, travel and business, but the only thing I can actually do is sit here staring blankly at the screen, wishing I was back in LA laying on the beach and trying to remind myself to breathe. 

For the majority of this year, my life consisted of sitting in the hospital beside with my dad, dealing with his doctors and trying to heal him through every way possible.  But now, these past 2 months have been spent trying to cope with the loss of him. How do I move on? What do I do now? I'm numb and completely lost. Should I be pressuring myself to figure it out?  Maybe the pressure I always put on myself is the first thing I will get rid of.  I really just think I'm in shock.  As much as I want to be on social media and inspiring you through business tips or pretty designs, I'm just not ready.  Those things are all part of who I am and what makes me happy, but in the big scheme of things, it's not what is important.  I think I need this time out to re-invent myself.  I need to take the time to practice self-love and care and plan for my future. I'm going to decide what I truly want and then make a plan to get it.  Life is too short to be mediocre. When I return back to the blog,  I hope you are still here to follow along as we share this journey together, called life.  

July 05, 2017


Words can't explain the empty hole I feel inside.  These past few months have been some of the hardest I've ever gone through.  My dad was in the hospital for over 3 months, while my brother and I took turns spending every other day there by his side.  Nothing else mattered.  My mind was being pulled in a million directions and most days, I was just going on auto-pilot.  Work projects got pushed, personal responsibilities were forgotten and the only thing we were concerned about was being his advocate and fighting for every answer we needed to save him. We tried everything we could, but in the end his body just couldn't fight anymore. My dad and I had our battles, we shared tears, we shared laughs and despite it all, we loved each other wholeheartedly. He believed in me and was so proud of every accomplishment, no matter how small.  I have his ambition and tenacity. He taught us to follow your dreams and NEVER give up.  My heart is broken, but I know he would want me to continue living loud in his honor and to always have hope.

My family and I had to start a fundraiser for my dad's funeral. I would be so grateful if you could help spread the word. CLICK HERE to share the link.