August 14, 2009

NOA NOA - Autumn Collection 2009

You all must know by now that I'm obsessed with the Danish company, Noa Noa. I was jumping for joy when I saw their new Autumn Collection this week! Feast your eyes on this and, what I think is equivalent in the US & UK, Anthropologie and Toast.


Roberta T said...

I love your blog and am subscribed to it. I found you through Christie Hydeck's blog. I think being a stylist is one of the most fascinating occupations. In another life I would have been one!!!

The Stylist Diva said...

So glad you like the blog. I get warm fuzzies. ;) I love my job. It's not too bad playing dress up and shopping all the time. It has it's downfalls like any other job though. Long hours, but mostly, it's worth it.