September 18, 2010

Fashion Los Angeles Groundbreaking

Wake up Fashion Industry, there's a new event in town and it's about to rock your world!

Wednesday night marked the official groundbreaking ceremony for Fashion Los Angeles, a community platform for global exposure. The energy in the air was alluring, the crowd was debonair and Michael Venedicto showed us his heart, guts and glory. With his enthusiastic words and motivating spirit, I must admit I was a bit nervous my mascara would run, but as the noise of overwhelming applause and support began, I knew I could sniffle and no one would hear.

In the heart of Downtown LA, accompanied by the stunning views of the city and neighbor to famed Frank Gehry's Walt Disney concert hall, Grand & 1st, will be the new home of Fashion Week in Los Angeles. From February 1-7, 2011 this empty parking lot you see below will house more than 65 designers and 10,000 fashion professionals as Fashion Los Angeles brings this new, innovative, prefab village to life. With the help and support of the community, Fashion Los Angeles will meet the needs of designers and the fashion industry and in my opinion, exceed every ones' expectations.

and yes, you may of recognized the lovely lady with the bright, pink hair...

groundbreaking ceremony photos courtesy of vero image


Soho500 said...

How exciting ! I'm sure that you will be there.

Stylist Diva said...

I wouldn't be anywhere else! xo

Anonymous said...

I get it, but it seems like a gimmick. Seriously Los Angeles will always be the dirty second cousin to New York fashion. I don't think cultivating fashion by building expensive lots and such are a way to help it grow. It should be organic and I think in other parts of the city it is especially over in the predominantly artist ridden area of warehouses right by the fashion district. I'm sure the venue will serve it's purpose, but it feels too contrived almost as though the city is trying incredibly too hard to become something it's not.

Stylist Diva said...

Dear Fashionslap,
Thanks for your comment. I will say that the lot we were standing on is not new, and in fact it's an old parking garage. That's a key factor in the project itself. Re-using a lot that is already there, but bringing in pre-fab buildings. FLA is not spending millions on buildings from the ground up, they are simply creating a "village" each feb. and sept. Just as Bryant Park has and now the Lincoln Center. Los Angeles IS a fashion capital. Great LA based designers have never had a proper venue to show their art and now they will. They always had to come to NY to do so. How many NYFW designers are actually born and bred in NY? We are a community of fashion. A country, a world. Not NY vs. LA. It shouldn't be like that. LA has a total different sense of style and in my opinion, kicks a$$! NY has it's own sense and kicks a$$ just as much, but in a different way. Why should NY have all the fun? xo Bree