September 14, 2010

O Hotel

With all my running around this past weekend, all I needed was a cozy place to come back to at the end of the day and that's exactly what I got. The O Hotel is the first independent boutique hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and I will say it's one of the best. If you are looking for a nice, clean reasonably priced hotel while you stay in La La Land, I highly recommend the O. If you choose to stay in for dinner and drinks, indulge in enticing cuisines and a million dollar mojito downstairs!

LOVE the bathroom! Modern and clean.

outfit for FNO...

sexy elevator lighting...

there was a lovely bottle of wine compliments of the O Hotel, just waiting to popped!

continental breakfast was fresh juice & coffee (much needed) and pastries from a local bakery. Ironic thing is that they were danish. Not as in, America's danishes, as in they are authentic recipes straight from Denmark. After living there for 4 years, I can recognize marzipan with my eyes closed. Quite delish too!

I would like to thank the O Hotel for being a Stylist Diva sponsor!


Mette Line said...

YAY "Tebirkes" ftw!

Miami Glamour said...

Thank you!

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Hanna said...

Wow the hotel looks amazing! And your blog is lovely!