November 21, 2010

L' Bel USA

I've been so busy lately, so now I've finally gotten around to sharing great new companies I've discovered lately.  L'Bel USA contacted me and sent over a lovely package full of some amazing goodies!  With the stress I've gone through this year, sometimes I forget to really pamper myself and when it comes to purchasing new body or face products I never seem to venture out of my old routine.  But after I tried some of their skin care products I changed my mind.  I used the Essential Cleanser and Essential Toner topped off with the Regression Eye Cream.  What I loved best was the toner.  It's more of a gel vs. a liquid, that way it doesn't get soaked up in the washcloth. 

Nonetheless, I felt fresh, beautiful and clean!  I'm hoping I can remember to keep up my new routine and put myself first.  Check out L'Bel USA and see what products you can benefit from.  

What do you struggle with when it comes to stress and busy schedules?


Patty Lbel said...

My name is Patty and I am with L'Bel.
They have amazing products that do what they say they will. Keep up your routine, and put yourself first, you will be so happy you did:) Patty

Nicole said...

L'BEL is awesome. Every item that I've tried since May has been absolutely awesome. Don't think you'll be disappointed.