November 05, 2012

I'm baaack!

Finally, after 7 years I took some time off. I was starting to forget what the word 'vacation' really meant.  I've spent hours upon hours styling, sewing, gluing, working, researching, writing, shopping, blogging and not allowing any me time.  If you remember back in January I promised that in 2012 I would make time for me, I'm so happy I finally did.  Now, I might just be addicted to it.

When I was living in Denmark I met Stine, the bestest friend one could ask for.  She came to visit and this past month and we filled our days with laughter, tears, junk food, more laughter, shopping, hugs, thinking, massages, drinking, pedicures, deep talks, dancing and all the sight-seeing one can handle. 

We indulged in cotton candy, sat with Tom Hanks at his red carpet movie premiere and suntanned our tootsies in the park...

Admired the cool lighting and ate fajitas until our belly hurt, stuffed our faces with italian food while wishing we were nuns and ate even more (danish) junk food Stine brought...

My mom and Stine almost choked on motherload cake while I blurted out dirty jokes, we sipped lemonade in the sun and I went against my ethics and dressed Lucy up as Superdog for Halloween...

We swam in Vegas during the day, drank (alot) of rum at night and enjoyed the view from griffith park. 

We had the best time, but it all ended way too soon. I cried as I dropped her off at the airport and will be counting down the days until I see her pretty face again.

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and feeling refreshed.  I highly recommend taking some time off to restart your battery.  Now, I just have to detox from all the crap we drank and ate.  Mission accepted!

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