April 12, 2010

PLEASE don't.

I interrupt the scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement...

Over the weekend I could NOT believe my eyes. Do you know how many people actually wear harem pants?! I wanted to pull out my siren, stick it on top of my head and run after them. Seriously, it's time to talk. I don't usually like to focus on the negative side of fashion. But this called for an intervention. Do you enjoy walking around looking like you just took a you know what in your pants? Don't you know that babies dislike the sag in their diapers? Please, for my own sanity and those around you, do not retreat back to Hammertime.

While I was on the subject of what NOT to wear, I was taken back to the 80's and remembered these horrible trends that are back in style... Skorts? NOOO! Denim print leggings? NOOO! Coolots, otherwise knows as gaucho pants? Hell NOOO! Just because something is brought back into "so called fashion" does not always mean it's actually in fashion. Trust me.

Please stick with pants that are form fitting. Not hanging off your bum or so tight we can see your "fill in the blank". Ewww. No, thank you.

Back tomorrow with real style.


Gretchen Niaki said...

Too Too Too funny!! Thank you!! I almost wore a skort today ;)

Your blog is lovely ~ GREAT layout + eye catching content = looking forward to exploring!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Scarily enough, I'm thinking that maybe I could actually try on a pair of harem pants. My hubby is absolutely against. I understand him. Not sexy huh. Not chic either. I'll try to stick to your savvy advice.

Stylist Diva said...

Thanks Gretchen! I'm glad you opted out for the skort. ;)

Susu: If you give in and try on a pair...imagine me haunting you shaking my finger {no, no, no...} LOL! Perhaps your husband is on to something. :)