April 07, 2010

Rice- Summer Collection 2010

Can you say eyegasm?! When I first discovered Rice after arriving here in Denmark I seriously could not contain myself. The colors, the patterns, the foofyness! S W O O N! You better believe I will be stocking up on Rice products as much as humanly possible, before heading off to LA this summer.
Rice, be still my heart.


HollyH said...

Hi, We love Rice dk as muchy as you, that's why we thought we'd let you know that you don't have to go all the way to Denmark to get wonderful Rice dk products, we have a ton of gorgeous bright colored Rice eye candy here: www.huset-shop.com.

TakaTomo.de said...

I own a RICE dk shop in Cologne in Germany. You will find all the beautiful baskets and all melamine tableware from RICE Denmark at www.TakaTomo.de.

Pink Blog Girl said...

Too adorable! I want everything.
Your blog is so cute!


ALPAKKA said...

Fantstic BLOG, and I love RICE myself!!! Sell it in my farmshop :-) If you take a look at the blog www.einstovelogeinsko.blogspot.com, you see a lot of RICE at our farm. She visited us this easter. I `ll put ypu in my bloglist. I am a new blogger, and get so insired of all the beatuful and proffetional blogs I see :-) This was great!!!

Best regards from Aina at the Alpakkafarm in the west of Norway :-)

Robyn said...

Eyegasm= my new favorite word. Expect me to overuse it immediately.

REALLY cute store!