July 08, 2010

My picks from Paris: Couture Fall 2010

Personally I was bored and uninspired by Karl this time around. This happens to be the only look I liked. Minus the boots.

Christian Dior
I think this first one is absolutely gorgeous! But perhaps the next is a bit Cindy Lou Who? My same feeling from last season's Mars Attacks moment.

I'm sorry John, but what the hell is that?!

Armani Prive
Old Hollwood meets Sexy Assassin

Elie Saab. WOW. You amaze me. Breathtaking. I couldn't help but decide who I would dress on the red carpet this fall in some of his gorgeous pieces.

Yes, that's right. It's the one and only. This gown is mine. Can't you see my name written all over it? Be still my heart. Perhaps my pic is a little silly but that's what happens when you take self portraits. LOL! Red Carpet, here I come!



You crack me up!...

That red gown would make a great midnight wedding dress if you're game.

I'll take the black Stevie Nick's style Chanel.


Stylist Diva said...

LOL! Teri, are you proposing?

Jen said...

i adore that Armani Prive look! can i have it?
and i'm loving the red carpet picks, especially the last one :P

Sara said...

i LOVE the christian dior gown but i cant take my eye off the bracelet on the chanel model. it reminds me of a Persona piece Jennifer Lopez was wearing at the World Music Awards in May.

Janna said...

I like the Dior and Chanel especially.