September 06, 2010

5 Fall Must Haves!

As I'm starting to gear up for the new season I fell in love with these must haves!

Steal vs. Splurge? It's pretty tough to decide. You wouldn't want to own that gorgeous Chloe bag? But, if you are starting to hear a muffled, tiny voice coming from your handbag... and you open it and your credit card jumps out and starts to run... then I think you know which way to go.


mamavalveeta03 said...

Thanks for showing those comparisons, Bree. Not all of us have fared well in this recession. But we still want to look "on-trend." This is helpful!!!

Soho500 said...

I am so happy that ballet flats are still in for the fall...I can't part with my flip flops yet! :>)