September 27, 2010

Dear Santa, you SUCK.

Speaking of Christmas lists, last year I asked very nicely for a dior handbag, do you think that white-haired, belly laugher brought me one? Nope. In my defense I was quite a good girl last year and have been even better this year (minus a few days or so). So this year I'm starting my list early and I'm making it a bit longer and perhaps even add a few things in the coming months.

p.s. if by some chance Santa, you do still have that dior bag leftover, I will gladly still accept it.



Oh, I'm gunna borrow that McQueen Knuckle Duster box for my wish list too.

Cheers! getting all that we want.

Cassie said...


That is too funny and you are 2 crazy!! I love it!! Keep your posts coming.

hehehehe :)

Jessica said...

I hope Santa has enough room in his sack for two of those McQ clutches.