September 27, 2010

Valhalla Brooklyn

There are days when I can't check a single email, then there are the days where I sit for 10 hours at a time going through all of them. UGH. Yesterday, was one of those days. So after a bit I thought I would take a break and read through some daily posts I'd missed, when I spotted this gorgeous leather bag featured on Burrs and Burries! Be still my buttery leather heart. As I clicked the link to see where I could find the bag, I was shocked to see it was HANDMADE.
How did my "shopping-addict-fashion-whore-credit card-overspending nutjob" radar miss this seller?

Vallhalla Brooklyn is ran by one woman, a Scandinavian, of course. Those Scandinavians know a thing or two about design, trust me. While living in Denmark, as you may remember in some of my past posts, I was smitten with just about everything. Kudos to you Miss Vallhalla, you make ah-mazing bags and as I can see the craftsmanship is absolutely superb! Once a lady buys a quality handbag, there is no going back. Now, on to make my early Christmas list...


Valerie H. said...

OMGosh those are gorgeous! I'm with you...once you've had the best, there is no turning back! lol...How on earth did you find her or should I say did she find you?

Stylist Diva said...

Burrs & Berries, I swooned!