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Wednesday, February 16

The MAGIC has begun...Day 2! (part 2)

The lovely Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, challenged us to embrace inner DIY.  Bloggers choose a brooch, 3 strands of beads, 2 ribbons and with Erica in the lead, managed to create a lovely chunky necklace in a matter of minutes!  Crosby of PR Couture, looked fab in her new necklace.

Throughout the day we gathered, chatted, made new friends and found any place we could to
blog, Blog, BLOG!  Snapped a pic of my fave booth, Darling.  They even served us mini cupcakes as we browsed the selections.  It inspired me to hop on a plane and head back to London and enjoy high tea with the queen!


OM, double G.  Excuse me while I try to maintain my composure.
NEW Marc Jacobs. Need I say more?!?!


Tereza Anton said...

This is so cool.

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

Wasn't Magic fun this year, you are so awesome that you blogged while you were there. FN Platform was great. I found a pair of rose gold Vera Wang flats that I need.

Jane said...

Thank you for the behind the Magic sneak peak :) Very cool to see and hear what's coming and the goings on there. Looks like fun!

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