November 12, 2014


kim kardashian break the internet champagne incident butt

I don't usually chime in to celebrity news, but I just couldn't let this one pass me by. 

So, I will stand on my soap apple box too and help Kim Kardashian break the internet
But as long as there is champagne involved...  

What's the big deal? Really. This shot that Jean-Paul Goude recreated from his famous "Champagne Incident", is pretty ah-mazing. This is a genius photography. This is art. Yes, Kim bares her ass. Whoopdy. Friggin'. Doo.  If you had that waist and were were bountiful in the bootylicious department wouldn't you try to balance a glass of champage on your tooshie? I sure the heck would. Leave Kimye alone. There are plenty of more important things we can be complaining about in this world, but this derriere isn't one of them. 

Paper Magazine, KUDOS! Job well done. 

Kimye, Carry on, carry on.

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