March 22, 2017



If you are a blogger, business owner or creative entrepreneur of any sort, listen up!  No matter what stage of success you are in, there is always room for growth. Stop closing your eyes and keeping wishing for a miracle, because that miracle is right inside you. Yes, you have the answer if you look deep enough.

I've been self-employed for 20 years. Right out of high school I got into the film industry and from there I went into fashion blogging and digital marketing.  I didn't have a boss or a leader or anyone to guide me on my path. I didn't receive a gold star when I achieved a goal, nor did I receive any warnings when I made a bad, business decision.  I'm a self-taught success, but that also comes with many failures.  If I wouldn't of failed in certain areas, then I couldn't of learned what worked and what didn't.  A few of these so-called "failures" seem to all come one after another over the past few years.  I worked 12-15 days, 6 days a week and put my heart and soul into every word, idea or design but for some reason, there were blocks.  

These massive road blocks were right in the middle of my path to success and I couldn't seem to get around them.   

What were they?  Was I suppose to change my career?  Did I just plain suck at what I was doing?  

I talked with friends, family and business colleagues and the only thing I could come up with was to just keep trying. I didn't agree.  No way in hell was I about to give up, but I knew that I couldn't just keep trying the same way anymore.  Isn't that the definition of insanity? doing something over and over, but expecting a different result?

As an entrepreneur when things don't work the way you expect them too, the only choice you have is to keep going.  Yes, there are many of those people that just say fuck it and walk away.  But not me and I know you won't either.  

So guess what?!  I figured it out. After struggling and thinking I was having a mid-life crisis in my 30's, I finally had the epiphany I needed.  

I. Was. Scared.  

Scared?  But I'm a brave, tough cookie and I'm always taking risks.  What the hell was I so terrified of?  I was scared of success.  I was scared of the success, because I thought I didn't deserve it.  

After so many years of allowing others to take advantage of my kind-hearted behavior, I had subconsciously programmed myself in believing that I didn't deserve the success, I was killing myself to find.  I had allowed these friends, acquaintance and even clients to take advantage of me.  I couldn't blame them because I allowed it to happen. At the time I didn't realize it was happening of course, because I assumed I could trust everyone. Ha! ...not when it comes to business.  

The business blocks that I was faced with, were really just my fears showing up in different forms.  I was stuck.  I didn't know how to get around them, until I realized I simply had to re-program my way of thinking. Yes, I say simply like it's such a "fun and easy" casual process with unicorns tossing rainbow, glitter confetti all around me, but it's not so easy.  (on a side note, if someone could possibly arrange the unicorn/confetti thing, let me know) 

The key is to be able to face your own shit.  Accept that you were the one causing your own obstacles and that it's OK.  You are ready to work on it now and that's what matters.  Move forward, full steam ahead! 

Don't be scared of fear, it's your friend.

It's here to teach you what it is that you have to work on, if you are open to facing yourself. Your brand are simply a reflection of you.  So if you have fears or blocks within yourself, your business will too.  Fear is that loyal friend that tells you like it is, no matter how much it hurts because it wants only the best for you.

 Personal Success = Business Success.

Think about any blocks in your business that you may having and ask yourself, is it really success that you are afraid of?  You might be surprised when you find the answer...


LeAnn Rodriguez said...

Having lived with anxiety for many, many years, I love when you said that fear is knowing what you need to work on. It's so easy to want to avoid it, but realizing that we all have fears and we can work to overcome them is so empowering!


YES! Once we empower ourselves and let go of the fear, anything is possible!xo

Deedee Manning said...

Great article Bree! For years I struggled with trying to pursue my dreams and now that I took a leap of faith things are taking off like a rocket. I still have my times when I'm scared but I use it as a tool to move forward!


I'm so happy to hear you took that leap. "Leap and the net will appear!" We all have fears, but as long as we are aware of them we can always move forward. xoxo

galatealily said...

The only thing to fear is fear itself! Thanks for this post! xo, Suzanne