November 06, 2017


samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone

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As a content creator in today’s world, I’m constantly living my life through a lens. Capturing moments of my day and sharing them with you is just part of my regular, everyday routine. So I was excited when Samsung invited me to their Samsung Studio Pop-Up for an insider's peek at their newest innovation, the Galaxy S8 and S8+!  It was a great opportunity to experience Samsung's cutting-edge products up close and personal. Once I got to know just how ah-mazing the Galaxy S8+ was, I took it for a spin and thought I would show off a couple of my fave, inspirational hidden spots here in Vegas!

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-ceasars-palace

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-ceasars-palace-2

At the Samsung Studio Pop-Up, guests could experience Samsung’s 4D Gear VR Theater, interact with the Samsung Gear 360° or even challenge a friend to a cycling game.  I’m all about a little retail therapy, so I checked out their new products and learned about the features on my new Galaxy 8+. I’m obsessed!

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-VR-products

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-alcantra-case
Love this pink, suede Alcantara cover!
samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-clear-view-case

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-ceasars-palace-kelly-rowland
Ended the evening with a mini dance party and performance by DJ Marshmello, hosted by Kelly Rowland.
samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-ceasars-palace-dj-marshmello
samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-flat-lay-blogger-lifestyle
The Infinity screen is one of my fave features of the Galaxy S8+. It’s one of the best smartphone screens and the biggest ever put on a Galaxy phone. It stretches from edge to edge and the curved design easily fits in your hand.
Another few ah-mazing features I’m completely smitten with…
• The Infinity screen even gives you the ability to use two apps at once
• The Infinity screen has 16 million colors and 4.1 million pixels

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ is water resistant in up to 5 ft. of water for up to 30 minutes ( I saw this with my own eyes at the Samsung Studio! )
• Iris scanning for enhanced security and face recognition
•10nm processor that runs on 20% less power, so you get a longer and more efficient battery life

samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-phone-flat-lay-blogger-lifestyle-2
If I’m out on the weekend, you will typically find me hanging out in Downtown Las Vegas.  The old, nostalgic feel of the city combined with the new, colorful art gets me every time.
Some fun, inspirational street wall art I captured with the Galaxy S8+...
Whether you are heading to Vegas for a fun-filled weekend or just choosing to enjoy a little local staycation once in awhile (like me!), the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the perfect little travel companion to capture the glistening lights and the local gems, like this.
samsung-studio-pop-up-las-vegas-galaxy- 8-plus-phone-blogger-lifestyle-starbucks-owl-cup
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Nikki G said...

I have the Samsung Galaxy 8+ and I KNOW that it has many features that I am not even aware of yet. I need to learn more about it. Maybe you can post again about what you've learned... haha
:) gwingal

Jasmin Charlotte said...

Ohh love the photos it takes! I am always so tempted to get a Galaxy, they look so slick. Hope you enjoyed the pop up! x

Andolina said...

I have the Samsung Note8 and it is pretty great. I thought my last phone's camera was good but this one has every phone I've ever had blown out of the water. I'm loving the stylus and the orchid color of my Note8.

G&D Blog said...

Samsung 8 really looks like a new way to love Android smartphones. And those photos that you got here, dang, looks like from a DSLR camera. :D

-Gerome of G&D Blog

Viveena Rodrigues said...

Wow 😮 Water résistant . ..that’s a distinguishing feature even if it’s for 30 minutes .

Krystal // The Krystal Diaries said...

This looks like it was a really fun event! I used to always have Galaxy phones and loved the cameras on them. I haven't had a Galaxy phone in a while though.

Sandra Ash - Beauty Trend Report said...

This looks like so much fun and the photos are absolutely stunning!