January 21, 2010

Noa Noa SS10 Collection

Is there drool on your keyboard? There is on mine. Noa Noa is by far the best line in Denmark. Maybe if you rally with me we can convince them to open a shop in the US? I adore how Danish women always look so "put together". You will never see a Danish mom in sweats at the grocery store. No, she is in full gear. Scarf, leather boots, earrings, necklaces, layers, including bow in hair. It's fab. It's chic. It's inspiring. It's European. Gotta' love it here.


noa noa clothes said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures of the forthcoming collection. We are opening a brand new NOA NOA online store in April this year - please feel free to check us out....

narcisse said...

good news! narcisse is the only store in the united states to carry noa noa! we are located in portland oregon but we will gladly ship worldwide as well. visit the link to our website for more information.