January 12, 2018



photo credit: jeff mindell for studio diy

I've never been more excited to welcome the new year.  Last year was just a pure shit show, filled with grief, sadness, stress and road blocks.  Since 2017 blew, I'm calling for a do-over.  I'm healing well after losing my dad and I have a new energy like I've never had before.  The changes I went through last year, as difficult as they were, brought me to a welcomed place of alignment and evolution.  Surprising enough, this "new person" I turned into, was actually ME, but the authentic version of me.  

Let me explain...

Throughout life, a lot of shit happens.  We experience hurt, hard times, stress and plain ole' ugly feelings of not feeling worthy enough.  During these crappy times, we are completely unaware that we lose ourselves in the process.  A little piece of our soul is crushed and destroyed with every heartbreak, trauma and moments of second guessing ourselves.  There may be tiny signs or glimpses when we get the message that we are going in the wrong direction, but we don't usually pay attention to them.  For me, I've had a more than my share over the years.  

I'm funny.  I mean, there are times when I can have a whole room laughing until they cry and I start to wonder why I didn't charge twenty bucks at the door.  

I think laughing can cure us from almost anything in this big, crazy world.  So when I've found myself in a moment when I couldn't remember the last time I laughed or made someone laugh, it broke me.  I stopped in my tracks and sobbed.  These are the those moments where I realized I had let life take away bits and pieces of me and my soul, and I was pissed.  How come no one told me?  Why had I not paid attention?  But most importantly, how the fuck can I get myself back again?

16 months ago, my self-discovery journey began.  I was determined to find my way back to self love and embrace unconditional love, no matter what.  The results? I did a damn good job. But one year just isn't enough, especially when it came with unexpected heartbreak and loss. 

The one thing that did happen was this series of moments, big moments.  Mind-blowing realizations where I became so aware of the parts of me that had disappeared and life-changing occasions where my true, authentic self starting to shine through.  This person who has a child-like sense of life, who enjoys the simple and silly things, someone who creates and someone who was strong enough to endure everything life had shoved in her face.  Me, myself and I had been reborn.

A dear friend of mine asked me last month how I keep going (and thriving) while and staying so positive.  He just couldn't grasp how I was so resilient, when most people would of called it quits.  My answer was simple.  

I'm a beacon of light and love.  

THAT is my true and authentic self.  As damaged as it's been over forty years, it still shines bright.  Today, bigger and brighter than ever.  I believe that I've gone through so much in my life, to help you.  I also believe that the many hurdles I've had to jump have magically disappeared.  They've disappeared because I've become aligned again with my true, authentic self.

Why now?  Because it's time to give back.  

This year I will be stepping into a brand new pair of shiny shoes.  In fact, I will be stepping into a few pairs, some are new and some are old, colorful, structured heels that just needed a little dusting off.  

The first step in the new year and my new journey is teaching!  I've wanted to start coaching and sharing inspiration with you for a while now and the time has finally come.  This Sunday is my first workshop of many, where I will be sharing bits of my own journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship with you IRL.  If you are in the Las Vegas area, I would absolutely love to meet you! You can sign up for the Free Vision Board Workshop here. The majority of my workshops and classes will be based in Vegas with a few more later in the year in Los Angeles and Portland!

And... after stepping away from fashion/wardrobe styling for a bit too long, I'm happy to say, I'm back baby!  The creative, styling soul inside me has been screaming to get out and I'm ready to unleash the beast.  It's part of who I am.  I'm ready to dive in headfirst on focusing on what truly fills my soul and that is hands-on visual storytelling and all the creative directing I can handle!

Needless to say, it's been a super busy and exciting year already and the energy is just out of this world!  I know in my heart that this is finally my year.  I also know it's finally your year too.  Can you feel it?  It's just in the air.  Pure magic.

All that manifesting I've been doing is finally here and I can't wait to take you along on my journey.  If you are a blogger, business owner or creative entrepreneur, get ready, because things are about to get really good... 😉

Here's to a 2018!  May this year fill us with everything we've ever wanted and deserved!  Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had a very tough year, I know we have all been there before.

" I believe that I've gone through so much in my life, to help you" I love this line so much, such a positive attitude and way of looking at things!

Heather! said...

Good for you! Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and maybe even contagious. :) I'm excited to see what you'll be getting into this year! GOOD LUCK!!

Jessie said...

Best of luck in 2018! I can tell by your excitement that it's going to be epic!

Anonymous said...

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